About the Gotthardbahn

Background to Rivet Games Gotthardbahn add-on for Train Simulator 2019.
We have attempted to model the Gotthardbahn as it was just before the new Gotthard base tunnel route opened (in 2016). This route was the major thoroughfare for a huge amount of North-South European traffic then, so there is lots to do!

There are naturally many detailed reference materials for Gotthardbahn both online and available to purchase, we’ve collected links to our favourites at the bottom of this page. For a brief history of the railway see here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gotthard_railway.

The featured locomotive in this simulation is the Re 460, some details and history of this vehicle are here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SBB-CFF-FFS_Re_460.

The simulation was created with the support of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS) and we thank them for their superb support and feedback. As well as the Gotthardbahn, there are many beautiful rail routes in Switzerland, and in the course of our research trips we’ve become friends with the lovely people at Railtour who put together an excellent selection of Swiss rail holidays for anyone wanting to experience the journeys for themselves:


Creating the Gotthardbahn simulation
A huge amount of work across a range of disciplines is required to create a simulation like this. Rivet have created a number of videos exploring some of the aspects of the development, watch them on YouTube via this playlist.

In the process of modelling the route and the train, we naturally amass a huge body of reference material and we are exploring ways of sharing some of this material. As an example, here is a tiny sample of the (over 5,000) reference pictures. As you’ll see some of these are not capturing beauty (in the conventional sense) – they are taken to ensure we can model the textures and shapes accurately. Enjoy!

Throughout all our research for building this route, we looked at hundreds of different sources of reference material, both in Switzerland on survey trips, and online from the comfort of the office. Here’s a selection of links to the items we liked the most that we think fans of the Gotthard route may appreciate too:

For further reading, here are some of the books we found that we recommend:

As well as this excellent DVD:

For a bit of fun we like these ‘Eat Sleep Trains’ hoodies:

If you’re looking to treat yourself we love these Swiss Railways Watches:

Or if you’re *really* looking to treat yourself, then there’s always the model of the iconic Re 460: